Terms & Conditions

Customer Terms & Conditions

In order to provide customers with the best quality of work for the best price, OUR LOCALLY APPROVED window cleaners offer a REGULAR service! This means we can focus solely on delivering YOU an INCREDIBLE service!  We have set out some basic terms that we require from you in order to get you the most for your money.

  1. Just like it would become unnecessarily expensive, if you had different dustbin men come at different times to all of your neighbours. When your windows are due, it means your neighbours are to, so please stick to the regular schedule that you choose so we can use the money we save being efficient to buy more gifts for prizes! If you’re not going to be in, you can make arrangements with your window cleaner so that they can gain access to the windows, like unlocking the gate for example.
  2. If you do need to cancel that month’s clean for an adequate reason, for example; you are having external building renovations on your home, you will need to give us 24 hours’ notice or full payment will be required.
  3. If there is a problem with the standard of the window cleaning, it needs to be reported within 3 days of cleaning and we’ll come back and clean until you’re completely satisfied.
  4. Our services run all year round. Each season brings its own factors that make your windows dirty, from birds mess and fly marks to Spiders webs and nests. We wouldn’t be able to run a business that gives you such a great service if we stopped over a little bit of rain. Your windows should be cleaned so well that they should stay clean right up until your next due, apart from birds and other animals that we can’t control. Remember though, you are protected by a 3 day guarantee.
  5. Fair price protection. We stay competitive whilst delivering a service no other window cleaner can.
  6. When arranged, gates must be left open the day of the clean. If the gate is locked and access cannot be gained to do a full clean, you will be charged the full price unless the window cleaner can gain access another way.
  7. Please be respectful to your window cleaner. We’re here to give you a service you’ve chosen to have, and we try and go above and beyond.
  8. Payment must be made on time. Direct debit is the safest method of payment for you so we suggest you pay that way as you have lots of added protection from your bank, it is much easier to track payments without having to remember or log if you have paid or not. It will all be recorded for you at your bank. Once it’s set up, you can just relax and enjoy the view from your windows.


 Window cleaner terms

Window cleaning rewards is only for professional window cleaners who want to promote their business with professionalism, gratitude and respect. While we want you to run your own business and be individuals there are some terms and advice we have set out to promote professionalism and will help you stand out over your competition. If you don’t think you’ll be able to live up to it, window cleaning rewards is not for you.


  1. This service is designed to build good relationships between you and the customer and other window cleaners. Not to rip anyone off or steal other people’s work, but for everyone to do well and cut down their costs and improve their £ph. We ask that you offer a fair price; we know there is margin for quality, so charge your price but be professional. 

  1. If you get a complaint of your work within 3 days. We think it’s fair that you go back to correct it, in order to sustain a good reputation with your customers and window cleaning rewards. We know that we can’t please everyone, so if the customer expects too much… feel free to tell them to get another window cleaner. We are here to support the customers and you, our members. 

  1. Our goal is to be known as the best. For your benefit and the company. You must continuously work to a high standard; repeated failure to do this will result in your membership being revoked and losing rights to your postcodes. If you are professional, you won’t want to be associated with people who are not.  

  1. You must be professional and respectful whilst working. We recommend no smoking or swearing at a customer’s property unless you’re specifically given permission to do so, (it may offend your customer without realising it, but they won’t be offended if you don’t do it, but it is only a recommendation).  

  1. No gross, unprofessional behaviour is acceptable and you must work in a safe manner to protect yourselves, the customer and their property. We won’t accept people giving window cleaning rewards a bad name for everyone else. If there is evidence, you’re not treating your customers fairly; your membership will be terminated. 

  1. You must have active public liability insurance cover in place. This is for your protection and your customers. 

  1. If you cancel your membership your postcodes will be put back up for sale to other window cleaners.

  1. Our ethos is to help each other to work smarter for both window cleaners’ benefit and the customers, so be nice and respect each other. No hate speech or discrimination is acceptable.