This video shows the principles behind our company. As we grow with our members across the country, so will the possibilities. GET 50% OFF if you sign up through an existing member!

We can’t take away all the problems of running a window cleaning business but by working together we can pay professionals to deal with some of them so you can relax after work. Here are a couple of professional people we’d like to use to help everyone

  • Social media and marketing experts to manage our communal online presence and direct any local interest your way. No having to learn about SEO or spending hours on social media working it out, they’ll do it for us.
  • Deal negotiators. Using our combined buying power to work on getting rewards, discounts and prizes to give away for both window cleaners and their customers.
  • Solicitors or legal representatives to help protect our members with the relevant GDPR documents etc.
  • We’d also like to explore ways for our members to make some extra money. Things like buying before and after pictures or videos etc. off of our members to use for content on social media.
  • When you join our team, our focus will be on REWARDING your customers for their loyalty to you, and encouraging long lasting relationships!
  • Once you’re part of our TEAM, we’ll help you get NEW CUSTOMERS in areas you already work in to help condense your rounds.
  • We’ll help with customer retention by giving away FREEBIES, DISCOUNTS and chances to win AMAZING PRIZES from other local companies, shops and restaurants just for being a regular window cleaning customer.
  • We’ll try and decrease wasted resources like travel time and fuel costs by condensing your rounds making your day more efficient.  We’ll also provide all our members with business advice whatever direction they want to go.
  • You won’t have to do any marketing if you don’t want too! You’ll be known as part of our team and get the leads that come in through our national marketing in your area.
  • We’ll only advertise one window cleaner per individual postcode (I.E RH15 OLU) so that everyone can have their own advertising areas.

For £30 a month (£15 a month if you sign up through an existing member), you can have up to 20 full postcodes as standard, for example RH15 0LU NOT RH15. They will be yours and will act lik homing beacons for any leads that come in closest to your area up to a 10 mile radius unless another window cleaner’s chosen postcode is closer to it. You can sign up with just one full postcode and add the others later. After your standard 20 postcodes you can buy more for   £3  £1 each a month.


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